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Is your property tax assessment too high?


In today's declining market it is not only possible, but PROBABLE that your property tax assessment is too high. 


Did you know you can have that assessment reduced?


Due to voter passed Prop 8, if a decline-in-value occurs when the current market value of your property is less than the assessed value as of January 1 you may file an application to have that property tax assessment reduced.

if you believe the assessed value of the property shown on the 2007-08 tax bill is more than the fair market value as of January 1, 2008, you may file an application at any time through December 31, 2008.

Online: Forms are available at the Assessor’s website: assessor.lacounty.gov

You do not need to have an appraiser, or any other professional, file the application.  It is straight forward and free. 

However, the information provided to the taxing entity should be the best available.  This enables them to make a speedy decision. The cost of an appraisal, to be submitted with the appeal, will pay for itself in both tax and time savings.

 When you hire us for an assessment appeal, you're commissioning  an independent, third-party professional appraisal report. As such we do our own evaluation, beginning to end. If you're right that your property has been overvalued, an independent report such as ours will be even more persuasive than any other evidence you can marshal on your own.  

Sometimes, you will have a hearing on your assessment appeal and will need for the appraiser you've hired to testify on your behalf. Be assured that at City Appraisal Services, we are able to professionally and persuasively testify at appeal hearings.  Browse our website to learn more about our qualifications, expertise and services offered.