Appraiser Licensing
To participate in a "federally-related transaction, such as a mortgage underwritten by a national bank, an appraiser must be licensed or certified by the state. That license is evidence that the appraiser has taken specified classroom courses, performed hours as a supervised trainee, passed the licensing exam, and expands his knowledge with Continuing Education Training. There are 3 tiers of licensing - license, certfied & general.  A "License" is the basic level.  It qualifies an appraiser to value non-complex single family residential properties.  "Residential Certified" qualifies an appraiser to value complex single family properties, income properties up to 4 units, and residentially zoned land.  A "General" license qualifies an appraiser to value commercial & industrial properties, as well as residential.  It is important to make sure the appraiser is equipped with the license to fullfill you needs.

We are "Residential Certified" appraisers who specialize in the appraisal of residential properties/  We have earned our reputation for quality work, performed professionally and ethically, with outstanding customer service.

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Always be sure your appraisal service provider is licensed and in good standing. Check the national database of appraisers and their license/certification status.  It is available publicly at this link.

Among other things, this database, which relies on reports from each state appraisal board, will tell you if a service provider you are considering has had his or her license suspended, revoked, or whether the license has lapsed. You can rest assured that our license is current and in good standing!

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